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Taman Perindustrian Tasik Perdana,
47120 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.

OEM Services

We work with reliable business partners and associates in Asia, Middle East and Europe. To meet the growing lubricant needs, we are constantly seeking new base oil sources and improving our business operation. Whether you are from the local, regional or global markets, we value your business and look forward to serving you.
We tailor made solutions for various market niches in addition to standard products. With comprehensive consulting and service programs, for hundreds of application ranging from lubricants for diverse automotive application to specialized products for various industries. The state of the art package of innovative products, interactive technical support from bottle design to formulation of lubricant, we provide a One-Stop service to take care of all your lubricant needs.
We blend individual products according to customer requirements and International Standards to ensure every bottle that leaves our doors are perfect. These products are guaranteed by our extensive lab research and testing. Every product that are produce are subjected to periodical and batch tests to ensure optimum quality.
Why private label?
* Better margins by 20-25%
* Borderless and limitless territorial coverage.
* Total control of the business.
* No repercussions from policy changes arising from changes in ownership and management.          
* When you develop your own brand, you have perpetual exclusivity to market your brand.
* Creating a competitive advantage
- Products conform to international industry standards
- Better profit margins
- Lower overhead
Investment proposition

This business model can be replicated to the distribution of allied products like tyres, batteries, and other automotive accessories as the
network is practically the same.
Moving forward

* What you need to do - if interested in this business, you can get in touch with us and we can meet to discuss it in detail.
* What we need to do - will help you in the setting up your OWN line of lubricants with product selection and quality standards.
Packing Size:  as per customer's requirements 

Our OEM Product Range:

1. Engine Oils (Diesel and Gasoline)
2. Motor Oils (2T and 4T) 
3. Hydraulic Oils
Specified Industrial Lubricants


1) Lubricant & Grade
Decide on the lubricants and
grades for your respective
2) Brand Name
Decide your specific brand
name and Trade Mark it.
3) Bottle
Choosing the right bottle
for the lubricant.
4) Label
Design of label are done in
house by our Art & Design
5) Production
Filling & packing size is done
according to customer's