Baseron (M) Sdn Bhd
3, Jalan PTP 1/5,
Taman Perindustrian Tasik Perdana,
47120 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.

About Us

Baseron (M) Sdn Bhd is a multinational company dealing  with production  and marketing of various types of lubricants and petroleum products with offices and  manufacturing  facilities in Malaysia. With diverse business interests, it is dedicated in continuous efforts to provide related services and facilities using up- to- date knowledge and technology to serve/support our valued customers in Malaysia and many other countries.

Baseron has a proud heritage with excellence technological and been progressively increasing its commitment in the field of lubricant production technology through considerable investment in research and development.
Malaysia Office

In Baseron, it’s more than just oils, it is liquid engineering and business partnerships, it assists its business partners to increase their profitability and products performance  through the very best lubricant solutions and supports in their businesses.

Our Mission
  1. Production and marketing of different lubricants and petroleum products and presenting related services using up-to-date knowledge, in Malaysia and other countries.  
  2. Being Lubricants Market leader and one of the top ten firms in Malaysia, by having a dynamic organization with efficient and effective systems, as well as up-to-date knowledge and creative, learning, responsible, and motivated personnel to serve and support the growing and dynamic automotive and industrial oils markets.
  3. Technology is propelling our growth. We're focusing on technologies that improve our chances of finding, developing and producing advanced and high quality lubricants.
  4. To be one of the Leading Players in Lubricant Industry.


Our Technology

A whole brand new of driving experience. Driven by ultimate
satisfaction, empowered by Syn-nano® Technology

BASERON’s patented Syn-nano technology revolutionizes engine oils performance and capability. Through this advanced innovative technology, Uniron engine oils will not only have the functions and the capabilities of the conventional high quality engine lubricants, but are able to infuse billions of nanometer sized Syn-nano particles into the engine, to protect and increased its performance. Syn-nano particles at this size, functions like ball bearings by transforming the sliding friction that normally occurs between metal surfaces into rolling friction, thereby substantially reducing friction, heat, wear and engine drag. Lower engine heat helps to extend the life of the oil, and less engine drag increases fuel mileage. The Syn-nano nanometer sized particles fill the pores of the metal, helping to sustain an oil film on the inner surfaces of the engine and sealing out the debris and moisture that cause corrosion. Syn-nano particles also create a gentle ‘steam-cleaning’ action that helps remove carbon deposits on piston rings, pistons, cylinder walls and combustion chamber.

Key Benefits Include:
  1. Reduced friction coefficient, extended engine life.
  2. Cleaner combustions and restored engine cylinder pressure will result in better engine response, smoother engine and increased engine acceleration performance by 10% - 35%.
  3. Reduced engine noise and vibration.
  4. Cold start protection.
  5. Cleaner engine and high reduction of exhaust particles by 20% - 30% and smoke emissions by 50%. i.e Environmental Friendly.